History / Alma Mater

Picture of Timberline High

Formerly Les Bois Junior High School, an updated and expanded Timberline High School opened its doors to students in 1998. A three-year comprehensive public high school located in southeast Boise, Timberline is ranked in the top 1500 schools in the nation by the Washington Post. The iconic clock tower at the school’s entrance symbolizes a timeless commitment to student achievement and success.

School Colors:  Royal Blue - Silver - Black
Mascot: The Wolf
Alma Mater:

We are Timberline
And we proudly raise
Our voices to the sky.
We are Timberline,
And we’ll never let
Our Alma Mater die.
We are strength when we’re united;
We stand proud when we’re alone.
We are Timberline,
The spirit of the wolf,
In this valley we call home.